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Chinese Foot Binding – The Wūzhèn Foot Binding Museum: Why did the practice start? What was the foot-binding process? Who tried to stop it? Is anything like it happening today?

Barry and I went back to the Wūzhèn Foot Binding Museum again this year, so I have a forbidden photo to share, and I’ve learned more about the tradition that lasted about 1,000 years and impacted an estimated two billion Chinese girls who were crippled and lived in pain for the rest of their lives.

"Where in the world are Barry and Renee?"

Because I wear size 9.5 or 10 shoes (41 Asian), my grandmother always told me I have a good foundation.  Although I don’t consider my feet a great feature, they serve me well.

Thus just the idea of Chinese foot binding has always left me feeling rather queasy.  But when Barry and I got to tour another lovely recreated Chinese water town with our Maui College colleagues–and many other tourists, we came across the Wūzhèn Foot-Binding Museum.   I was curious.

This year, we got to return with our Shanghai Normal University colleagues to take another look at what I think is the most interesting part of this Chinese water town: the Wūzhèn Foot- Binding Museum.

The museum is tucked away, and you aren’t likely to discover it unless you go there looking for it or happen to find the sign in your wanderings off the main streets.

The Wūzhèn Foot-Binding Museum displays 825…

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