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“Good Girls Go To Heaven. Bad Girls Go To Sturgis” – Motorcycles, Devil’s Tower, and Buffalo

On the road below Devil’s Tower

One of the fantastic things about being on the road involves the surprises.  As we headed toward our next Servas host, we couldn’t help but notice motorcycles, of all types, on the road with us.

Many of the bikes looked very expensive

Motorcycles, motorcycles, motorcycles

We found that our Servas host lives near Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of the annual Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rally.  This year was number 71.

These were not the Hell’s Angels of long ago.  On the road, the riders acted in considerate and safe ways.

Her T-shirts says, “Good Girls Go To Heaven–Bad Girls Go To Sturgis” (but I got the shot from behind because although everyone was pleasant to us, I remember the stereotype of years ago).  🙂

These bikes were not for the down and out.  In fact, many of the owners must be quite affluent.

Expensive rides

One biker told me that her motorcycle jacket is heated.  She and her husband talk via microphones–no more yelling into the wind!

As part of the rally, the bikers had great music concerts at night, and we saw bars with many parked bikes.

Stopped for liquid refreshment or shopping?  Somehow my stereotypes of bikers weren’t working.

During the day, many took rides, as we did in our rental car, to enjoy the South Dakota and Wyoming open lands and sights.

Devil’s Tower

Can you see the little red dot near the upper right? That’s a rock climber on Devil’s Tower.

One exciting event on Devil’s Tower was the 1941 parachute landing on the top.   The landing was successful, but then it took about a week to find a way to get the guy down!   🙂

For more information about Devil’s Tower–and the current climbing opportunities, go to <http://www.nps.gov/deto/index.htm>.

Some of the bikers – and we – also went to nearby Mt. Rushmore.

Mt. Rushmore–Although this view looks tranquil, people swarmed everywhere.  We drove on.

For more information on Mt. Rushmore, go to <http://www.nps.gov/moru/index.htm>.

Bikes at a tunnel/bridge –an  engineering feat through rock

We weren’t the only outsiders. An Amish family joined everyone to look at Mt. Rushmore

Do you recognize these men? I overheard the one on the left say he had paid his drummer $18,000 for one concert. Get your kids to practice their drums!

With Barry near Mt. Rushmore

It wasn’t all bikers and sights, we saw animals too:

Cute prairie dogs

We were extremely close to a buffalo:


We were so close, I couldn’t get the whole buffalo in one shot–so here is his rear.

He’s looking–and I’m staying in the car.

Heading home

As always, we met interesting people too.  During her first day of summer work at a local motel when she was 14, one young woman set her heart on owning a motel.  When the owner’s son of the best motel in town didn’t ask her to marry him, she bought her own motel!  Now at 24, she is running her motel and majoring in business at college.

The American Dream for one young woman

Do you have plans for your summer vacation this year?   Consider going to  the 72nd Anniversary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held this year from August 6-12, 2012:  <http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/>.

Everyone seemed to have a great time.   You would too.

Aloha, Renée

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