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In Costa Rica: Snapshots – San José

Although most tourists stay in San José for only a night before heading out for adventure in other parts of Costa Rica, Barry and I were there for several days both at the beginning and the end of our trip.

We liked the architecture.  Even if a building wasn’t really architecturally special, often the color made it memorable.

Sometimes the building material is unusual like this building that is now a school; the outside is made of metal.


A school made of metal – in San José


Many places in San José offer good food or drinks


Even the underpasses can be memorable

And you never know what might come down the street:


Blindfolded, they walk along the street


Is this a comment on going to war? Or could it be how we blindly follow others? We saw it in San José.

San José parks are great places to watch people, listen to a guitarist, read.

We liked the architectural details and beauty of the buildings.

We enjoyed walking through San José streets.



Of course, some places in San José look very familiar


Art on a street wall – in San José

San José is mainly a city of low-rise buildings – and walking streets.

Costa Rican police  cruise up and down the walking streets to run off vendors and buskers – which probably means there aren’t enough jobs for the people who live in San José, but the people we met were friendly and looked happy.


A San José walking street

In the days we spent wandering through San José, we had good food, met terrific people, saw good museums, and heard lively music.    So when you find yourself in Costa Rica, enjoy San José, the capital city – before running off for adventures in the forests.

Pura Vida, Renée









In Costa Rica: San José

Both at the beginning and the end of our trip to Costa Rica, we spent several days in San José, the capital – a metropolitan area of about a million people, the political and economic center of the country.

We found wonderful museums.


Good museums – the gold and Pre-Columbian museums

We enjoyed the wonderful walking streets – and getting to watch people.


See the man with the rooster on his head?  Most people weren’t that unusual.

We liked the food.

I liked the Downtown Yoga studio, in a 115-year old building of beautiful walls and tiles and great yoga and Pilates instructors.


A morning class at Downtown Yoga

We liked our AirBnB:


Barry on our Airbnb patio

We liked the street art and the energy.



On a San José walking street

So whether you are an adrenalin-rush adventurer coming to Costa Rica for the white-water rafting, the Superman bungee jumping, and extreme zip lines or an avid bird watcher, don’t use San José as just your transit point.  Stay a few days in San José to enjoy the people, the food, and the museums.  Then head off to the wilderness.

Pura Vida, Renée

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