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Thought for the Day: Even if It “Isn’t Enough”

“We each have the opportunity to live our lives consciously in spite of all the soporific influences, to act even when we know how complex the prospect of doing so truly is.

Our charge is not to “save the world,” after all; it is to live in it, flawed and fierce, loving and humble. As children of the eighties and nineties [and those of us of earlier generations – and those later], we are uniquely positioned to fail. The bureaucracy we face, the scale of our challenges, the intractable nature of so many of our most unjust international institutions and systems—all these add up to colossal potential for disappointment.

[Recently on Maui:

Anti-corporate and pro-labor and environment organizations demonstrated against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) during trade talks on Maui.

Anti-corporate & pro-labor and environment organizations demonstrating against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks on Maui -July 28, 2015http://mauitime.com/news/politics/protests-planned-for-tpp-trade-talks-at-westin-maui-resort/

TPP protest -at the Westin – Maui – 7/28/2015


Protests against telescopes being added to Haleakala and Mauna Kea - - cultural disrespect.

Because of disrespect of Hawaiian culture, protests against new telescopes being added to Haleakala and Mauna Kea – 7/31/2015

From: <http://www.civilbeat.com/2015/07/27-arrested-protesting-telescopes-on-mauna-kea-and-haleakala/>

No matter [whether what we do succeeds or not].

We must strive to make the world better anyway. We must struggle to make our friendships, our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, and our nation more dignified, knowing that it might not work and struggling anyway.

Protest on Maui - for a moratorium on GMO experiments  xx

Protest on Maui – for a moratorium on Monsanto’s open-air chemical spraying and GMO experimental plantings

From: <https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-hawaii-end-gmo-openair-chemical-experiments#/story>]

We must dedicate ourselves each and every morning to being the most kind, thoughtful, courageous human beings who have ever walked the earth, and know that it still won’t be enough. We must do it anyway” (190).

  • from Courtney E. Martin’s Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, Beacon Press, 2010.

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