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Costa Rica: Snapshots – The Friends School

At the Monteverde Friend’s School, the library is on the honor system for checking out books, and it is open 24/7!  It’s an example of how terrific this K-12 bilingual, Quaker based school is in Costa Rica.


Quaker school library.

“Surrounded by Nature, Supported by Love”

“Nestled in the cloud forest community of Monteverde, Costa Rica, the Monteverde Friends School was founded over 60 years ago by Quakers who left the United States in search of a country and community that supported their peaceful principles. Today, our school continues to promote the universal values of peace, love and respect in the context of a challenging bilingual education and a sense of community,” notes the website <http://mfschool.org>.



This solar oven is where students and staff heat up their lunches

They have a garden too.

We loved seeing this busy school with students and teachers learning together in a beautiful atmosphere.  We felt the love of learning in the Monteverde Friends School.

Go visit Escuela de los Amigos when you are in Monteverde.

Pura Vida, Renée




Costa Rica: Snapshots – Johnny’s

One of the great things about being on vacation is we get to try a variety of food – all cooked by other people.  One place we enjoyed in Monteverde was Johnny’s, a pizza place with beautiful teak walls and open light space.  We were lured in as well by the name, our son’s.  Roberto, an older Costa Rican who spoke excellent English, was our friendly, well-trained waiter.  I had the veggie burger – one of the best I’ve ever had.  Barry opted for the  lunch special pizza.

We loved the attention to detail, the open seating, and the tasty food.

photo 1

Stairway to the second floor of Johnny’s – on our last lunch there

We liked sitting on the balcony.

But thinks can quickly change.   We’d heard fire sirens and smelled smoke earlier that morning.  And as we walked toward the Cloud Forest, we saw the fire hoses.  I kept saying, “I hope it isn’t Johnny’s.”


The hose for the water ran over two blocks – up hill.

It was Johnny’s.  The owner was there talking urgently into his cell phone.  His wife held him, her arms circling his shoulders.  The restaurant, opened since 1993,  was completely destroyed.  We passed the still smoking, charred remains.


The smoldering remains of Johnny’s

The owner and his family must have put everything into what had been a beautiful restaurant.  Roberto and the other employees are out of work.  Does Costa Rica provide unemployment insurance?  Did the owner have insurance?  No one I asked seemed to know.  The owner, staff, the community are all impacted in this loss.  😦

Elizabeth, a Monteverde resident, says that things in Monteverde have a way of working themselves out.

When you go to Monteverde (and I return), I hope that we find a rebuilt Johnny’s.

Pura Vida, Renée


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