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Costa Rica: Snapshots – Ecological Sanctuary

Of course, Barry and I did the Cloud Forest hikes, places of great beauty and activity (tour bus destinations), but we also found the Monteverde Ecological Sanctuary, a Costa Rican family run site that we had to ourselves much of one morning.  It is on 48 hectors (about 118 acres) of reclaimed logged forest.  Although second growth, this forest is beautiful and a wonderful place to wander and explore.


Monteverde Ecological Sanctuary – cost is $15.00 U.S.


For the most part, the trails are very well marked.

We were impressed by the large and the small.

We learned of trees we didn’t know.


The “Hippie Killer” tree – for all those darn tree huggers 🙂

One trail was particularly steep, but well worth the climb.


With a rainbow too

Although we didn’t see mammals up close – probably because we were there mid-day and because conservation land that doesn’t allow people is nearby, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Monteverde Ecological Sanctuary.

Be sure to visit.    We think you will like the Monteverde Ecological Sanctuary too.

Pure Vida, Renée

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