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Shànghăi Normal University: Fengxian Students and Campus

Fengxian campus, Shànghăi Normal University students

SNU Fengxian campus: big buildings and spacious campus

This term, I got to teach at my second UHMC sister school, Shanghai Normal University.  My “English Writing for Tourism Management” classes were only nine weeks long and on the  SNU Fengxian campus,  40 minutes by direct bus from the main campus (and our apartment) in the Xuhui area of SW Shanghai.  As I did last year, I found the students friendly and interesting.  However, I didn’t get to know the SNU students as well as my ZAFU students, many of whom I had known for 11 months and had interacted with often as we lived on campus.

As with many schools in China now, the main campus is for the junior and senior students; the freshmen and sophomores are far from the city and its distractions.

SNU Fengxian campus: Teaching Buildings 4 & 5 are where I had my classes

My English Writing for Tourism Management students

More of my English Writing for Tourism Management students

In all, my classes had 73 students, usually in two separate groups

On the bus to the Fengxian campus.  Guest speakers — SNU students who had just come back from Maui and their internship at Makena Resort: me, Stacy, Elaine, Jasmine, and Yvonne

The SNU/Maui interns were guest speakers.   Barry too encouraged my students: “With your English skills, you can go anywhere in the world.”

Spring was late in coming this year, but on the day I gave my finals, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

SNU Fengxian campus teaching building through the cherry blossoms

View from the second floor

Paipai, Jane, Even, Ami, and Bob–some of my wonderful SNU students

The classes have ended.  So it is goodbye to Shanghai Normal University for this year– another wonderful experience in China.

Aloha and zaì jiàn, Renée

Cherry blossoms at SNU Fengxian campus

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