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Poetry: “Too Busy” by David Budbill

Too Busy
Have ambition and ego ruined my life?
Where have my easy days gone?

If only I had a monk friend to wander off
into the mountains to visit. If only I were
so idle I had time to visit him. If only we
could while away the day drinking tea,
playing flutes, and talking. If only, as the
moon rose, my friend could point the way
home through the dark mountains with
the night sky’s lantern to light the way.

If only I were happy with only that.

by David Budbill 
in The Sun



David Budbill


Image from: http://digital.vpr.net/post/remembering-vermont-poet-and-playwright-david-budbill-who-expressed-certain-truths#stream/0

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Poetry: “Bugs in a Bowl” by David Budbill

Bugs in a Bowl –

Han Shan, that great and crazy, wonder-filled Chinese poet of a thousand years ago, said:
We’re just like bugs in a bowl. All day going around never leaving their bowl.
I say, That’s right! Every day climbing up
the steep sides, sliding back.
Over and over again. Around and around.
Up and back down.
Sit in the bottom of the bowl, head in your hands,
cry, moan, feel sorry for yourself.

Look around. See your fellow bugs.
Walk around.
Say, Hey, how you doin’?
Say, Nice Bowl!

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David Wolf Budbill


David Budbill (1940-2016) American poet and playwright:  author of eight books of poems, eight plays, a novel, a collection of short stories, a children’s picture book, and dozens of essays.

Image from: http://www.davidbudbill.com/



Bug images from: http://www.howpins.com/2017/05/10/get-rid-spiders/   

& https://www.thespruce.com/mulching-tips-to-prevent-pest-invasion-2656620

Hope you see the good in your bowl.    Aloha, Renée

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