Thought for the Day: Be Kind

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” – Plato

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Aloha, Renée


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Our blog was begun as a way to share our experiences in China. From August 2010 to July 2011, my husband, Barry Kristel, and I were at our University of Hawaii Maui College sister school, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University in Lin'an, China, a city considered rural because it has only 500,000 people! We had a wonderful time. Then in February 2012, we returned to teach this time at our other sister school, Shanghai Normal University, in a city of over 21 million people. We've made many discoveries. Did you know that now Chinese girls, at least the ones who go to university, for the most part feel they are luckier than the Chinese boys? Did you know that Shanghai saved over 20,000 European Jews during WWII? Do you know how Chinese university students would deal with problems that come up in Dear Abby letters? What's it like to be on the Great Wall of China? Do you know how many Chinese girls had their feet bound and why? And we have recipes from many of the places we've visited. Among others, you can find instructions on how to fry cicadas from one of my ZAFU students and how to make chocolate-Kahlua waffles from my brother Mike in Gainesville. You can also look back to our earliest entry to see what we experienced in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006 during the mainly peaceful six months of protest until the Mexican government sent in the troops. Between our stays in China, Barry and I have been on the Mainland U.S. visiting family, friends and Servas hosts as we traveled home to Maui. We share those experiences too. Welcome to our blog! Aloha and Zài Jiàn, Renée and Barry

4 responses to “Thought for the Day: Be Kind”

  1. Sooi_dog says :

    How long! 😅 Haha I’ve been so busy lately I forgot visiting urs 🙈♥️ Sorry. And about the quote, I must agree 🙌🏼 The hardship of our battle don’t nulls the others’ difficulties 🙏🏼 It’s no excuse for mistreating our partners in life, ‘cause every person and animal which we meet will teach us lessons, be them positive or bad. In fact, even the negative ones end up being positive in the end, as we reflect about mistakes and actions we took, and try not to do again. Life is a constant battle, really, and kindness is the best weapon we can use 💗 totally agree with Plato 👍🏼 And how are u? 🥰
    With love,

    • reneeriley says :

      Hi Rosita/Sooi_dog, my friend: It’s the hard things that make us grow the most, for sure. But it is sometimes hard to appreciate the battles in the midst of them. Many blessings to you and your family. Aloha, Renée

      • Rosita says :

        Exactly 🙂 we should notice how resilient we’re as a species 💗 and be thankful to it, ‘cause this make us grow more xx as well as be more tolerant about others 😊 This way we can thrive as society. If u had InstaGram, I’d tell u more stuff on the DMs, I feel comfier this way.
        With love,

      • reneeriley says :

        Hi Rosita: I promise I’ll get InstaGram when we next go traveling. Probably once I get it, I’ll say, “Why did I wait soo long?”
        Aloha, Renée 🙂

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