Thought for the Day: From Outrage to Transformation!

“The supreme task is to organize and unite people so that their anger becomes a transforming force.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr. supported his philosophy of nonviolence with six
fundamental principles in his book Stride for Freedom, but even he had this to say about the important influence of outrage:

You can use Charity Navigator to help focus your fury. As the nation’s largest independent charity evaluator, CN provides free charity ratings and other resources to help you find a trustworthy charity that is fighting for the cause you believe in.” –  Danielle Cheeseman

From: <;

The Salvation Army Logo

Doing the Most Good®

A less well-known charity evaluator is Give Well – <>

Give Well rates organizations mainly on how effective their projects actually are. The organizations that Give Well recommends are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded.  Often the focus is on how many lives a project saves. 

Instead of giving another dust collector to each of your relatives this holiday, give a gift to a charity to help others &/or to promote positive changes in the world.

Happy Holidays.  Aloha, Renee

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4 responses to “Thought for the Day: From Outrage to Transformation!”

  1. Rosita says :

    I agree – and I’ve adopted an Indonesian puppy back in April/May. Gorgeous, black and white little ball of fur which I named Panda, she’d have a promising life in Brasil. Everything was set for tiny Panda to fly from Lombok to Belém, when a motherfucker poisoned my bby.. she died a few weeks prior she was intended to flight here (she was supposed to arrive by middle of June) 😔 even tho I didn’t have any money for pay to her trip, her rescuer did get the money from a kind UK lady and kept updating me on Panda. OK – on the meanwhile, and unaware that little thing would have such a sad fate, I’ve bought her a beautiful, but simple pink leash at a pet shop. I’ve stored it on a taped box ‘til now, really. I’m considering to give it to a Bali based animal welfare NGO of my choice ( to honor Panda memory.. it’s a small, cheap kindness act which may actually cross international borders, ‘cause kindness knows no borders, right? 💖 BTW, I just haven’t adopted a local dog ‘cause serious issues with our main shelter. Definitively not adopting from them, as they’ve hurt me badly (I’m NOT aaying that I won’t forgive them, tho – forgiveness is something, forgetting is another), even tho I’ve donated them 80kg of dog food on my bday. So, definitively, my ties are with several Asian animal welfare NGOs, not local ones at all.. still, I’d adopt a local viralatas (derogatory term for mixed breed animal, which means “the one which throws dustbins”, ONLY used in Brasil and Dominican Republic, as far as I know), if it wasn’t filliated with none of those local NGOs I’ve got trouble with 😊 2018 is about to end… wha’ a cork of a yr!! *GASP* I’ve learnt many valuable lessons this yr, and so did urs — which was more important thing that ever happened to urs in 2018 so far?
    With much love,

    • reneeriley says :

      I’m so sorry your Panda didn’t live. She would have had a wonderful, loving home. Kindness anywhere helps the world–which can use much more kindness. I’m sorry too that your local animal shelter has issues. There is much work to be done everywhere — and animals can’t speak for themselves. I’m glad you are conscious and an advocate. Bawabali is a good animal shelter from my experience. This year has been chaotic!! It’s made me much more aware of our elected officials – and what they are doing. I know I have to take much more responsibility for the state of my community and country. The most important thing that happened in my family is that our 28-year-old son, our only child, married a wonderful young woman! She has an eight-year-old son, so we are instant grandparents. 🙂 Let’s see what 2019 brings. Many blessings to you and your family, Rosita. Merry Christmas! Aloha, Renee

      • Rosita says :

        I agree 😊 this yr hasn’t been like a paradise for me either, I’ve faced many emotional disturbances, and still face, they’re even affecting my physiognomy (particularly tooth, ‘cause I grind them, they’re all messed up, now), things went from Paradise to Hell very fast this yr. Anyway, I’m grateful for still having a family and a place to call home, BUT I also feel sad and angry at myself ‘cause many ppl in world don’t have those anymore 😔 some never really had, tho. I also feel really sad ‘cause Panda’s incident (yes, I’m a sucker, I keep mourning over an Indonesian puppy I never met personally)… shortly after that, my anxiety returned to its abnormally high level, I returned to having flight or fight reaction…. let’s just say that Panda was my best anxiety medicine during almost 2 months I was looking forward to her to come here — hard to explain for non-dog ppl, like my family —, and it all ended on such a dramatic way. It was such a surreal experience. Only my family & a few friends actually know I’ve adopted and loved a little Indonesian puppy, and lost my bby. My mom is getting Bintang, that Bully Kutta mix, but IDK how to feel about Bintang (yes, her name ain’t gonna b Gili anymore, my dad HATES Israel, he don’t wanna her to have an Israeli name, so, Bintang it is)… I feel kinda dull,sad, just feeling sorry ‘cause Panda and wondering about life she’d have got as a pampered pet in Brasil. Panda, which was just a cute little thing, and possibly a pet story which didn’t start right at all from the very beginning. Honestly?, I don’t advocate against international pet ownership, I just think one MUST ensure their pets are kept safely and don’t free roam (main error with Panda was to let her be a free-roaming dog, Lombok style) ‘til they fly away from the risk zone.. My mom says Panda probably wouldn’t thrive here, ‘cause, unlike cold and dry Mount Rinjani’s outskirts, where she’d come from, our city is very hot and humid.. I’m not sure about that, but I believe dogs are adaptable creatures, and she’d have thrived here, either way or another. I still blame myself for what happened to her, TBH. I can’t pay for any more leashes for Bintang, but it’s fine, we already have another set of leashes which belonged to Black, my first dog, which was indeed a black pug 😂😂😂yes, I wasn’t creative at all with his name choice 🙊 even tho it sounds kinda racist nowadays, I don’t think it was racism at all, ‘cause it was on a tender, sweetie way, and innocent, ‘cause dogs will always be dogs 😍 obviously, I wouldn’t name a child Black. But a dog, yes – I don’t see any issues with naming dogs after a color, really -, and I’m an artist. Being an artist one can make world more colorful, so, naming dogs after colors isn’t wrong at all for me. Actually, it sounds like a thing I’d do again 😆❤️ BTW, I believe I’ll use Black’s leash on Bintang. And I might use Panda’s leash on her as well, but… I don’t feel excited at all about Bintang… at times, I cry A LOT ‘cause Panda, even tho it’s been several months since she passed away. I wonder if I was acting greedy by adopting an Indonesian puppy, unaware on which sad fate would she have had 😔 this yr hasn’t been very good at all. Only good thing I’d say is that I’ve finally been apPAWved at 5 different unis, but I’ll probably resort to state one 🤓 plus, I’ve finally got a tablet to draw in, something different from my set of pens and one pencil. I fell in love for digital art. I’d say 2018 has been, at least for me, a yr of constant self-discovery, so far. My anxiety ain’t at bay yet – actually, I’d dare saying I have good and bad moments , there are times in which I’m bright and cheerful, other times where I’d rather be on fearful than aggressive side of whatever altered state I’m in, which happens specially when I see/hear or read of something triggering [on my case, it’s usually highly contagious diseases whereas it’s certain that I’ll either die or spend weeks or months in hospital, screaming in pain, or gruesome accidents, such as car or motorbike crashes as well as anything involving head injuries], I fear so much such stuff that there was a point by 2018 where I couldn’t really have a normal life, but would rather cry on classroom, when I was on that preparatory course for being admitted at university, so badly that I’d been seen at their psychologist office at least 2wice per day in a single week . Even the mere thought of going to hospital or doing blood test is enough for making me uneasy. And, just in case u wondering if I’ve ever suffered any car/motorbike crash, head injury or thing like that, I’d say no, it never happened with me in my entire life. But I’ve heard gruesome stories involving those that make me unable to sleep properly if I think on them 😩 so, 2018 hasn’t been the best yr for me, in terms of mental health and/or puppy ownership. On other hand, it’s been a good time for improve my arts’ skills 🙂 so, no every thing is perfect, BUT also not 100% horrible either, right? True, many stuff have been from Heaven to Hell for both of us this yr, but it’s just how life works 😅 life is such a tragicomic bitch, but we still embrace it and try living it the best we can, despite the odds and adversities 😂😍 love y’all!!
        Hope everything is fine,

      • reneeriley says :

        Wow, Rosita: You’ve had quite a year! I’m wishing you a lovely dog, good art, good health, and many blessings in 2019. Aloha

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