Memory & Time: Thought for the Day

“Memory collapses time, novelty unfolds it.

You can exercise daily and eat healthy, and live a long life, while experiencing a short one.  If you spend your life sitting in a cubicle and passing papers, one day is bound to blend unmemorably into the next – and disappear. That’s why it’s important to change routines regularly, and take vacations to exotic locales, and have as many new experiences as possible that can serve to anchor our memories.  Creating new memories stretches our psychological time, and lengthens our perceptions of our lives” (77).

from Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art & Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer

In a summary of the book, Amazon notes, “On average, people squander forty days annually compensating for things they’ve forgotten. Joshua Foer used to be one of those people. But after a year of memory training, he found himself in the finals of the U.S. Memory Championship. Even more important, Foer found a vital truth we too often forget: In every way that matters, we are the sum of our memories.”

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So do something beyond your routine: read a book – maybe this one, hike a new path, talk to someone outside your circle . . .   Make today – and tomorrow – memorable.

Aloha, Renée

P.S.  Thanks for recommending this book, Esther.

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One response to “Memory & Time: Thought for the Day”

  1. Rosita says :

    I agree, really. Sometimes I wonder whether would be better if we were as free-spirited and selfless and more peaceful at mind…and life is short, as we know, so, we shouldn’t worry so much about health, family and money nor neglect it, ’cause those 3 things are REALLY crucial for a good, meaningful life. I do believe in reincarnation, as u know, but that still SHOULDN’T be a justificative for wasting time thinking about futile stuff and worrying so much over little things. I do exercise both my body and mind. OK, I’m exercising less my body those times LOL but I’ll try taking part in such ballroom dancing classes I used to enjoy, as well as finish reading that book I’m with since December. I do believe that there should have an equilibrium between body and mind 😉 and traveling is a way of improving both, I guess. And, just FYI, I’m finally back in my paradise, AKA Fortaleza, after 2 yrs & 4 months of (not) coming here, ironically since I got chikungunya. This nasty virus do enjoys relapsing from times to times, and I feel like trash when I’m stuck to a hammock, feverish, and have to miss classes, but that won’t stop me from doing things I like. Instead, I guess I did learn to care properly of my body, as well as my mind since I got it, as I’m eating healthier & doing exercises, things I didn’t do before I caught it. As I say, everything in life has two sides, one good side and one bad side, it just do depends on how yuh look it 😎❤ and we do know that people, things and even places do change, right? All we should do is embrace those changes and accept them as they comes, and all I have to say is that I feel realized now. Both physical and mentally. And wha’ are yuh doing to improve both physical and mental fitness?
    With love,
    Yuh Brazilian buddy

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