Barry’s Gleanings: Your Aching Neck

Some people complain that in-person relationships are being strained because many people spend much time on their cell phones, iPads, computers, and other such screens.

Here is another reason to limit screen time (or at least do it consciously).

In her August 2016 column, “For Your Health: Text neck troubles,” Jane Langille, reports:

“Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, a Costco member and chief of spine surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, in Poughkeepsie, New York, wondered why a 30-year-old male patient still suffered from neck pain long after Hansraj had surgically repaired a herniated disk in his back.  The man was unable to return to work in spite of months of physical therapy.  As a follow-up exam, the source of his pain was crystal clear: He admitted to spending four hours a day playing Angry Birds on his iPad and showed his doctor how he looked down at the screen. . . ”

Click on the link below to see the rest of this article and tips to help prevent “text neck.”

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From page 68 of The Costco Connection, printed page 65:



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Please, sit up, sit up  – bring your devices to eye level – every time.

Be healthy.

Aloha, Barry & Renee

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6 responses to “Barry’s Gleanings: Your Aching Neck”

  1. Geri Sue Kliegman Rapp says :

    Since I retired I have had no reason to spend long periods of time staring at my computer screen, so I had no particular interest in the article and only glanced at the beginning. I must admit that I laughed out loud when I read “Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, a Costco member and chief of spine surgery … “. A member of Costco? I never knew being a member of Costco added to one’s credibility. I must join!

  2. reneeriley says :

    Hey, Geri: The main reason being a Costco member was mentioned, I’m sure, is that the article was in “The Costco Connection” magazine. But if you lived here on Maui, you definitely would want to join Costco. Besides the good prices and good quality merchandise, the gas is about $1 a gallon cheaper than other stations here. The employees seem happy. It’s also a great social center for us; we cannot shop there without seeing people we know. A friend tells the story of being invited to lunch at Costco. Although not a usual place to invite someone to for lunch, the food court is there. But what the very frugal guy meant with the invitation was that the two of them would wander the Costco aisles and enjoy all the free samples! Hope all is well with you. Aloha, Renée

  3. Rosita says :

    Yah, I have to agree that many hours of using computer (or even celular phone) can cause neck ache, as well as back pain. On my case, I rarely get neck ache, but yah back pain, and mostly of my back pains are due to stress, as well as most of us, who have stressful lives and I guess it can lead to high anxiety levels and even interfere on our physical health, as well as mental one. And, btw, do yuh know that interacting animals, such as dogs and cats, although there are many others, such as bunnies (which I consider to be extremely cute!), can relieve our stress, by liberating high levels of serotonin, the happiness hormone? This hormone is know by relaxing people and making them happy. And, due to that reason, certain animals, such as those I mentioned, are used in hospitals to relieve sick children’s anxiety and sadness, as well as adults? And our pets are a good reason to get a time out of computer/celular phone! 😉 and we should enjoy time with people too, as we do with our pets. At least, this is just my opinion 🙂 and, btw, did yuh visited South Australia? Or, at least, do yuh know anything about this? It’s ’cause I have to pick up a service dog there, as I’m hearing impaired, as I said yuh on another post, and, even being NOT completely deaf not knowing signal language, I guess a trained dog will be of great help. I get pissed off and mad when people mistake deficiency as being the same thing than illness/sickness, even thought it never happened with me, but I know it’ll be a constant on my life with a service dog, as some people are petulant and selfish, and doesn’t wanna know about other people’s feelings. well, I just have a few asks to yuh: 1 – do yuh know anything about SA, AKA South Australia? 2 – does Australia have beautiful beaches, on the southern region? This will be our first time in the Kangaroo Land, so, give me some info about wha’ to do in Australia, as yuh visited it a few months ago.

    • reneeriley says :

      Hi Rosita: You are right about spending time with animals – and other people – as being good ways to relieve stress. Dogs are particularly good, I think, since they are almost always loving and loyal. Service dogs can be particularly important and needed for some people. Why do you have to travel so far to get your service dog? As for my experiences in Australia, they are limited to near Brisbane, Cairns, and Sydney. See my posts for the highlights. Yes, Australia does have beautiful beaches, many almost empty. Here on Maui, lots of people are glued to the Olympics. Brazil is doing a great job of hosting. My chiropractor is there right now. I’m eager to hear her report. Are you getting to see any of the Olympic events or enjoy any of the celebrations? Aloha, Renée

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