Thought for the Day: The Future – Real Safety

“When [Generation Xer] Tyrone thinks about planning for his future, he imagines investing in a big retirement fund [that everyone can use]. He wants to help build a world in which all people are taken care of, no matter how much or how little money they have.

‘The future’s totally scary,’ he says. ‘Social Security doesn’t take care of people, our resources are increasingly privatized, the U.S. is the only industrialized country without universal health care . . . .

All you have to do is read an article about climate change to get totally freaked out about the future. But that’s the psychology of capitalism, right? Make everyone feel so insecure that we hoard all the resources we can and forget how to share or take care of each other. I’ve noticed that often, the more money people have, the more scared and alone they feel. Real safety requires interdependence; wealth so often takes that away from us’”  [ my emphasis]  (130).

- from Courtney E. Martin’s Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists, Beacon Press, 2010.


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One response to “Thought for the Day: The Future – Real Safety”

  1. Rosita says :

    Friend, I have to agree with this thought. Violence is becoming more and more worst at Brazil, sincerely, I have to say I feel like I don’t know anymore the country I live in. I cry while remembering my idyllic childhood, ’cause I had a thing I don’t have anymore: freedom. So much freedom. I was a naïve girl, who used to walk unworried by the beach with a few classmates after school, without fear of being hurt. We were innocent at this epoch. Now, I feel like I live threatened and under siege, always startled by the fear of being vitim of one of those horrible crimes who occur daily there, even thought I don’t live at a house anymore. We used to live on a small, although comfy, beachfront home, but, now, we live on an apartment. And I don’t appreciate apartment-living, shall I say. I was born and raised for beach life, even thought I’m white and get easily sunburned LOL sincerely, I wonder about moving me to another country, preferably a Caribbean one, ’cause I already know the region and we share more cultural similarities than difference with Caribbean belongers (at least, people of my city shares more similarities than difference with them, and about the rest of Brazil, well, I have to agree they’re culturally more similar with European settlers, with exception of the Northeast, which, in the littoral, shares lots of similarities with the Caribbean, while the inner Northeast shares more similarities with rural people of other Latin American countries). Well, wha’ I have to say is: I wanna move me to any Caribbean country, after ending university (which I haven’t started yet). I don’t like apartment living, and, now, I understand wild animals despair while trapped on cages. I really understand them. I promise I don’t support zoos anymore, unless if they’re turned into animal conservational programs, but just if they’re rigorously monitored by animal welfare NGOs. And, FYI, I decided I’ll be an infectious disease physician, after I had chikungunya (even thought I still feel some of its effects), ’cause I learnt how underrated infectious diseases already can be. I also wanna be a painter/drawer and dancer while having freetime. Maybe I write a book on the future, although I haven’t decided the theme yet. People may says I’m pretty ambitious, but, if it’s ambition, I guess it’s better being ambitious on this way than being owner of a big corporation who isn’t concerned about nature and living beings, and then rapidly destroys essential things for our living, such as trees, who give us oxygen, and doesn’t replant them, just ’cause it means more financial expenses, without none concern about life. Even its own one. Well, the truth is that we should lots of good things, so our world can be a better one – not just for human being, but yah for all living beings -, and it isn’t an easy path. In fact, it’s a very, very hard one, although it isn’t impossible. Those who says that an utopia is impossible never tried it until the end 🙂 it’s easy to say, but is hard to set one’s hand to. So, we should do our best if we wanna a better world to next generations, and some organizations, as UNO, even thought people there is paid for their works, is doing its best, by preventing global conflicts and trying to calm down existing local conflicts. FYI, do you know that FARCs (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionárias de Colombia) ended? 🎉🎉🎉 FARC’s end is a small step for world peace and a big step for humanity. It is (or rather, was) the oldest armed conflict existent in South America, and, if it ended, we should stay hopeful, ’cause it’s soon yet to lose hope on humanity. Instead of giving up, we should work hard for peace and practice non-violence as well as we can do, so others can follow our example and this world will be a better place for humanity. As you know, I’m mostly involved in animal’s right but I do dream about the day world’s peace will be declared, not just in theory, but yah in practice too 😉 Wha’ are your thoughts about the path who will lead us to world’s peace? Is it a hard, difficult one, isn’t it? And wha’ do you think about animal’s rights too? Is it being fulfilled in Hawaii or nah?

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