Thought for the Day: Buying and Selling

“Perhaps the most extraordinary characteristic of current America is the attempt to reduce life to buying and selling. Life is not love unless love is sex and bought and sold. Life is not knowledge save knowledge of technique, of science for destruction. Life is not beauty except beauty for sale. Life is not art unless its price is high and it is sold for profit. All life is production for profit, and for what is profit but for buying and selling again?”
W.E.B. Du Bois, The Autobiography of W.E.B. Du Bois: A Soliloquy on Viewing My Life from the Last Decade of Its First Century

Surely, we can change.

Aloha, Renée



W.E.B. Du Bois, journalist, educator, civil rights activist, – 1868-1963



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2 responses to “Thought for the Day: Buying and Selling”

  1. Rosita says :

    Life, love, happiness and inner peace are the only things money can’t buy, and they’re pretty interconnected, even on small daily moments, as yuh can see. I feel specially sad by that family who lost their smaller son due to an alligator attack recently in Orlando, Florida. Did yuh knew that?! I did visited Florida many times before it, and I know the risks of being attacked by an alligator, and do yuh know they advice people not to walk dogs nor let children play near to lakes, ’cause dogs are like appetizer for alligators and same occurs with children?! And do yuh know that some crocs can be found EVEN ON SALT WATER, including the sea?! IDK if is the same thing with alligators, but, all in all, there’s a good reason to avoid regions who’re knew for having presence of those reptiles. And do yuh know that alligators can be found EVEN ON POOLS?! Yah, I know, that’s pretty scary 😁 So, I don’t blame child’s parents by wha’ occurred, ’cause they weren’t Florida belongers nor knew the risks, since the hotel did just put an advice of ’no swimming’ or something else, but they don’t explained the reason for putting that advice, so, neither parents nor the child would knew the risks. And other particularly bad moment for the city was when the terrorist attacked the gay nightclub, also pretty recently. If he didn’t support LGBT community, it’d be OK, but why to kill all those innocent people?! Seriously, people who do horrible acts similar to wha’ that guy did are sick monsters. To say the truth, the problem isn’t just with Orlando nor Florida nor USA nor even Brazil, but yah with the whole world 😦 but we should stay hopeful, ’cause things are prone to better on a nearest future – on a more optimistic way of thinking, shall I say -, and we should do our part so it can occur. I decided I wanna be both a doc AND an artist ❤️ ‘Cause world need of more compassionate and kind people as us. Brazil have lots of typical dances, not just the stereotypical samba nor the sensual funk, but yah many others. FYI, where I do live, people do enjoy mostly calypso, zouk, merengue, bachata and many others rhythms, mostly of them with Caribbean elements, such as lambada, who’s basically our local version of zouk. I can’t say it’s a rule about the whole Brazil, even ’cause I know it isn’t, and I’m just talking about my city, ’cause is where I do live. I have to confess I do enjoy those rhythms, although I’m kinda introspective person. To say the truth, I’m wha’ yuh would call as being the modern kind of nerd!!!! hahaha so…wha’ are Hawaiian typical dances?

    • reneeriley says :

      Hi Rosita: I agree – many awful events happen – some intentionally like the killer in Orlando or randomly like the child being taken by the alligator. 😦 There is much suffering in the world. But, as you say, each seeking inner peace and doing what we each can to live in harmony with others can spread love and harmony. Becoming a doctor and an artist are certainly worthy ways to spend your life and so promote healing and love. Dancing too is a way to do that. I hope to one day come to Brazil and see your many types of dances. The Hawaiians have many types of dances – ancient and modern – and powerful chants. I hope you will one day be able to come here to see them. Aloha, Renée

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