Stewed Spicy Chicken with Potatoes, Let’s Get Cooking – Níngxià, China

Stewed Spicy Chicken with Potatoes

Alice, one of my summer-school ZAFU students, shared this spicy chicken dish.  Alice says, “Stewed spicy chicken with potatoes is my mom’s special dish.  It is famous in my hometown.  Since I’ve been a student here at ZAFU, I’ve never gotten to eat it.  Now, I miss it — and my parents–very much.  I really like its taste.  It is delicious.  I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Alice is from a very small village in Níngxià Province, in Northwest China. She says, “I like travelling very much.  So going to every country is my dream.  I am very happy to come to Zhèjiāng Province to study.”


Stewed Spicy Chicken with Potatoes


chicken – 600 grams (21.16 oz)

potatoes – 400 grams (14.11 oz)

pepper – 3 grams (.10 oz)

ginger -20 grams (.70 oz)

onion – 20 grams (.70 oz) – diced

salt – (.70 oz)

soy sauce – 20 grams (.70 0z)

pepper – 3 grams (.10 oz) – [Choose green sweet peppers or chili peppers depending on your spice wishes]

chili – 3 grams (.10 oz)

aniseed – a little

sugar – a little

wine – just a little

chicken powder – 10 grams (.35 oz)

flour – just enough to thicken the liquid

[In the first version of this recipe that Alice gave me, she listed one whole chicken and then no other measurements or amounts.  That version would give you great freedom to experiment and make your dish as spicy as you wish].

Spicy chicken with potatoes (and tomatoes)

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To prepare:

Chop one whole chicken into cubes.

Chop peppers and potatoes.

Heat oil in a wok.

Add the chicken chunks, pepper, dried chili.

Stir-fry unto the color becomes yellow.

Add ginger, salt, soy sauce, sugar, pepper, aniseed, wine, and water. [You can play with the measurements to get a combination that you love].

Stew for 20 minutes.  Make sure you have enough water to cover the chicken.  More water means more tasty broth.

Add potatoes, pepper, chicken powder, and simmer 10 minutes.

Onto the surface of the stew, add flour  to create the consistency you wish,  and cook five minutes.

Serve the sauteed spicy chicken from Níngxià Province.

According to Wikipedia, Níngxià, located in Northwest China has the Yellow River flowing through much the region.  The Great Wall of  China runs along its northeastern boundary, and the province is the home of the Hui, one of the 56 officially recognized minority groups in China.  With about 10 million people in the Hui ethnic group, it is one of the largest ethnic minorities. “The region is mostly desert and thus sparsely settled, but the vast plain of the Yellow River in the north has been irrigated for centuries; over the years an extensive system of canals has been built.”

Alice, her mom, and I hope you like this recipe from Northwest China.


Zài Jiàn and Aloha, Renée

Spicy Chicken

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