Johnny, Monkeys, and Celebrations

Along a path through the rice fields

During our winter break from school here in China, Johnny came to meet us in Bali.  He arrived at 3 a.m. in Denpasar, and later that day, we took him on one of our favorite rice paddy walks.

Johnny & Barry

Johnny with the best drink here--a fresh coconut

His mom and dad were very happy to see him.

We got to take him to our favorite restaurants including Bali Buddha

An Indonesian dish at Sari Organic--where we can nibble in the garden too

Johnny soon had us in Monkey Forest

Monkeys were everywhere

Mom & baby

The monkeys wanted bananas and we wanted photos

Cute babies

Have you ever tried to open a coconut?

This little monkey worked and worked to open this coconut.

She pulled off all the husk and repeated dropped the coconut on the ground

Meanwhile, the male waited patiently nearby. --JK photo

She got it to crack open and --in an example of implement use--she took leaves as cushions for her hand as she repeatedly hit the coconut--JK photo

It's tricky to open a coconut even if you have a machete

While she was busy, another female came over to groom the male

The monkey with the coconut had to run the other female  off, and while the male was having his way with her, Johnny grabbed the unattended coconut and smashed it on the ground splitting it open for all three monkeys.

Not only did she need to work on the coconut, she needed to keep her eye on the male.

They are fun to watch, and they seem to like watching us

Some look very thoughtful

Some hang out as a family

Many spend time grooming each other

Some just go for the bananas even if they have to sit on someone's shoulder

I wasn't sure if this German woman was brave or crazy

And some just play in the trees

And what about us? We celebrated Johnny's arrival, Valentine's Day, and our 23rd anniversary. Happy birthday to Suzette too.

Barry is staying in Bali with John for almost another two weeks to do father and son things.  When Barry returns here, John plans to stay in Bali for another month and then see where his journey of exploration leads him.

And now I’m back in chilly China for the start of a new term. Although I miss my boys terribly, I have many distractions: about 200 eager students, Mandarin and yoga to practice, and a pile of books to read.   Spring will come eventually too.

Love to all of you, Renee


About reneeriley

Our blog was begun as a way to share our experiences in China. From August 2010 to July 2011, my husband, Barry Kristel, and I were at our University of Hawaii Maui College sister school, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University in Lin'an, China, a city considered rural because it has only 500,000 people! We had a wonderful time. Then in February 2012, we returned to teach this time at our other sister school, Shanghai Normal University, in a city of over 21 million people. We've made many discoveries. Did you know that now Chinese girls, at least the ones who go to university, for the most part feel they are luckier than the Chinese boys? Did you know that Shanghai saved over 20,000 European Jews during WWII? Do you know how Chinese university students would deal with problems that come up in Dear Abby letters? What's it like to be on the Great Wall of China? Do you know how many Chinese girls had their feet bound and why? And we have recipes from many of the places we've visited. Among others, you can find instructions on how to fry cicadas from one of my ZAFU students and how to make chocolate-Kahlua waffles from my brother Mike in Gainesville. You can also look back to our earliest entry to see what we experienced in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006 during the mainly peaceful six months of protest until the Mexican government sent in the troops. Between our stays in China, Barry and I have been on the Mainland U.S. visiting family, friends and Servas hosts as we traveled home to Maui. We share those experiences too. Welcome to our blog! Aloha and Zài Jiàn, Renée and Barry

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