More Photos from the Expo and Shanghai

Children, men, & women all practice martial arts

Wudang Zen Martial Arts - strength and grace

Just put your cursor over a .

Beautiful calm areas -- as well as crowds

Crowds--waits for some of the pavilions were six hours or more. We didn't see those.

for more possible notes


About reneeriley

Our blog was begun as a way to share our experiences in China. From August 2010 to July 2011, my husband, Barry Kristel, and I were at our University of Hawaii Maui College sister school, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University in Lin'an, China, a city considered rural because it has only 500,000 people! We had a wonderful time. Then in February 2012, we returned to teach this time at our other sister school, Shanghai Normal University, in a city of over 21 million people. We've made many discoveries. Did you know that now Chinese girls, at least the ones who go to university, for the most part feel they are luckier than the Chinese boys? Did you know that Shanghai saved over 20,000 European Jews during WWII? Do you know how Chinese university students would deal with problems that come up in Dear Abby letters? What's it like to be on the Great Wall of China? Do you know how many Chinese girls had their feet bound and why? And we have recipes from many of the places we've visited. Among others, you can find instructions on how to fry cicadas from one of my ZAFU students and how to make chocolate-Kahlua waffles from my brother Mike in Gainesville. You can also look back to our earliest entry to see what we experienced in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006 during the mainly peaceful six months of protest until the Mexican government sent in the troops. Between our stays in China, Barry and I have been on the Mainland U.S. visiting family, friends and Servas hosts as we traveled home to Maui. We share those experiences too. Welcome to our blog! Aloha and Zài Jiàn, Renée and Barry

6 responses to “More Photos from the Expo and Shanghai”

  1. Patricia Rouse says :

    HI Barry and Renee!
    Congrats on getting good food and access to the rest of the world squared away in such short order.
    C-span is running Hillary trying to bring talk and peace to the middle east, who can do this? How man good people have tried how many times are good intentions expressed? Yet there is no hope in doing nothing in this arena as we know we can and must create our own world.

    You are missing continued warm days and cool nights, a three day weekend coming up and a trip upcountry sunday to join the quakers at Eve’s garden. Mele is stettled in at her new place on the third floor overlooking a small swimming pool in the building one up from the from the blue one. She and Melinda will drive upcountry with me.

    I’m off to swim this morning as my work has slacked off (downto one patient) again till mid Sept. when I resume driving to see patients in Lahaina several times over two weeks.

    thanks for your posts, I’m sure many of us will appreciate the opportunity for armchair travel through your adventures. Aloha, Pat

    • reneeriley says :

      Hi Pat: We’ve finally been able to jump China’s great firewall. I will put up more photos and tales. I hope everything is going well for you. “Hi” to everyone. Aloha, Renee

    • reneeriley says :

      Hi Pat: You are right about the necessity of not giving up even if the situation seems hopeless. We need good leaders to keep trying for international diplomacy so the Middle East can have a possibility of peace. I think Gandhi’s “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind” is fitting for the situation there. When will we learn? We must keep trying. Here we’ve been having an interesting time. Saturday night we had “Movie Night” for my students and their friends. Some of the other teachers brought their students too, and many in my beginning Mandarin class came. We had to stuff over 100 people into seats; it was so crowded and fun. We saw Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. It was the right combination of humor, action, and relationship issues and then the Chinese students and the foreign students got to mingle. We’ll do that again. If you have a suggestion for another movie we can try, we’d like to hear it because I’m sure we’ll do it again. Then last night we had “Bill” over. He’s a Chinese guy that Barry met in the grocery store. He teaches economics here at the university. Barry lured him over with the promise of Hawaiian coffee. Mainly Bill talked and we asked questions from 6-10pm!! Most of those empty apartments have been sold he says. They were bought by people speculating in real estate. Property values have gone up over 50% in the last two years, but Bill thinks the prices are a bubble that will be broken soon. He said much, and we will have him over again to learn more. Once I’m clearer about things, I’ll pass on the information. One consequence of the night, however, was that I did drink coffee, which I seldom do at night, and didn’t go to sleep until 3am, which means I’ve had a slow day. Thanks for responding to my posts. I wonder what people think. Aloha, Renee

  2. Gayle Early says :

    Hi Renee & Barry,
    I am following your blog, keep up the interesting commentary and photos.
    aloha, Gayle

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